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    Is Your Listing Correct?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Do you know if your website is optimized for local search? For many local businesses, optimizing their sites for local is an afterthought rather than a core search strategy. But, itâ??s incredibly important to capture traffic from searchers in your local area. Are you missing out on quality traffic because your site treats local optimization as an afterthought? Here are five ridiculously simple onsite tactics you need to use to boost your website in local search. 1. Add Contact Information ...for the rest check out this great Blog

    Winner! Best Quality Accounts

    Last updated 4 years ago ReachLocal, Inc. (RLOC), a leader in powering local online marketing for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), announced today that it has won Googleâ??s 2013 North America Premier SMB Partner Award for â??Best Quality Accounts.â?? The award is given to the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner with the highest average AdWords Quality Score during the judging period.

    Why SEO Isn't Enough: 6 No-Brainer Reasons to Use Search Advertising

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Does Your Website Track Conversions? Now it can

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Picture this: when it comes to attracting leads to your business website via online marketing, you’re doing all the right things. Your company’s social media pages are up and running; you’re posting great content your audience wants to share with others online and that drives visits. You’re optimizing your website and local listings so that you get discovered in local and organic search. You’ve also launched online search, display, and retargeting campaigns across the Web in order to get visitors to your website.


    The next step would be to know which of these online marketing activities are the most cost-effective at getting visits to your website and leads and customers for your business. With an accurate view of the ROI from each of your marketing sources, you could make sure to spend your marketing dollars on those online activities that are creating leads and pull back on those that might not be as successful. Assessing how many leads each online activity drives to your website is possible to do on your own. However, regularly assessing the data of every lead-generating tactic and comparing it against the other types of marketing you are doing can be complex and time-consuming for many business owners.

    There’s an easy solution when it comes to tracking the leads and customer conversions on your website , an integrated marketing software solution made of a smart website, lead management software, and a mobile app, does this automatically so businesses can finally see their ROI from all their marketing efforts.

    1.      Captures Every Contact from Your Website

    ReachEdge offers a smart website that is optimized to capture every conversion like phone calls, emails, and form submissions. Not only is this website designed to convince prospects to contact you, but once they do, it adds their name and information to your contact list. It additionally provides real-time alerts on your mobile phone so you don’t miss any new contacts and can follow up with them quickly, helping to turn them into a customer.


    2.      Smart Website Tracks the Source of Your Leads

    ReachEdge’s technology swaps out your website’s phone number based on which marketing source consumers clicked on to visit your site, whether it’s a search ad, display ad, social media site, or organic link. With this lead-tracking technology, you’ll always know which of your online marketing tactics are working to drive leads to your website.

    3.     Shows You Results via Web and Mobile

    ReachEdge offers data-rich reporting via mobile and desktop platforms. These reports detail the amount of calls, emails, and web forms your marketing sources generate. Plus, you can also see a high-level view of which sources are the most effective at bringing you leads and customers.

    Having a complete picture of your lead generation tactics is essential to determining your marketing ROI and empowers you to make the best decisions regarding your marketing spend. Plus, it frees you up to do what you do best — run your business.




    Let's go hunting!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    1 quick question to consider. When you're customers are looking for you, what are they doing? Chances are if they know you they'll just Google your name. 

    That's great....unless of course you have website that never shows up, or worse there is a competitors website which has the .ca to your .com or vice versa.

    Customers are easy to lose , don't make them perform a scavenger hunt to give you business.

    We've launched a new Google Plus Ebook, which gives you a step by step guide to optimizing your Google Plus page. 

    Contact me for a free copy

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