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    Flyers and Advertising? Do they work? How do you know?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Let's talk today about Flyers, or those little one sheets you get in local papers like The Examiner. How many of those people who are currently living in Edmonton get a local paper like The Examiner? I live in a condo building, so there are no little papers that get through to me.  How about you house owners in Edmonton? If you were to review the stuff that makes into your snail mail, is a flyer skulking in there like an 80's pop band?

    The reason this thought was in my head recently was I was talking to a colleague of mine who worked in the pet industry.

    She told me that they love flyers because they worked really well for her. I asked her how did she know?

    In her flyer there was no coupons attached or any way to track her actual return.

    Instead of an actual system, her assertion "that it worked really well"  was based on , a vague "feeling". Needless to say, when your marketing company doesn't provide tracking all you can ever say is   "I think it got busier?"

    Was it her fault she had no idea if it worked? Not necessarily, but should she be trying to figure our her ROI , on her marketing?

    If you were the business owner, would you really be happy with "I've got a feeling that it works?"

    How about you my readers? When was the last time a flyer made it into your house? Leave me a comment if you've have had  delivered. I'm actually curious to know.

    Feelings are find and dandy, but should your marketing have reports that are handy?

    It's all about getting your message out there with MC Lovely

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One thing that is not so known about Edmonton is our energetic and out going music scene. There are a lot of different ways of getting out there, but one innovative way is the way MC Lovely approaches her Social Media Marketing campaign. She does a great combination of live events and using social online media to let her fans know when her shows are, therefore getting more fans to her events. Then if her fans follow her page, they get more notice of upcoming shows....."it's the circle of life...."

    Does YOUR company do that? Is there a hole in your web vs live strategies? 

    Do you think there's value of being on the Internet, or do you just actually have a website and think " if I build it they'll come?" Are you a "set it and forget it" type of person? 

    Another client of mine recently asked, "Should I have a facebook page? How does it actually make me money?"

    That's a question I hear quite a bit.  I asked him a question.  How much business have you SPENT on another company's facebook page? 

    People often confuse Social Media, with a shopping cart on a virtual website. Your facebook page isn't there to make sales, it's a branding and engagement tool.

    What I've seen works for Social Media, is Engagement. If you can engage your followers or Fans (such as MC Lovely has) then you can actively remind them to come to shows without having to SPAM them.

    Another company I actually like, I stopped following because they kept sending out notices and filling my Facebook feed with irrelevant things (5 days a week! How often do I need to know about BBQ secrets?!!)

    Twice a week is how often I'll personally put something out (when I have the time) , but no more than that. 

    My goal? To increase the organic results for as well as keeping my followers entertained and engaged. 

    Hopefully, that answers the question of ...... "How do I make money off of my Facebook page?"

    If you have any other questions, or would like to chat give us a call...



    MC Lovely is Debuting the Liquor Breath Video Feb. 1...... Go see it!


    Here's another way to Market your message...

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One of my favorite companies in Edmonton has done a great job wrapping vehicles and most recently wrapping my new IPhone 5 . Go check them out at />  

    One thing I really like about going to the Tint Factory is the fact that that the owner actually works there, and I never have to worry about the quality of the work.

    Want to get your Message out? Try the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Technique...

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If Google likes working with us .... Why not you?

    Last updated 5 years ago

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